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Parenting Language for Babies

Language for Babies and Parenting

language for babies 300x225 Parenting Language for BabiesIf you are new at parenting, chances are you are not yet well versed in the language for babies. Infants are miraculous beings, despite not being able to speak yet, they find ways and means to communicate their needs. People who have never had children before will find a hard time understanding what babies want. For a parent who has never dealt with kids, a baby is a new experience which will probably confuse him or her. Most people assume that when a baby cries, he or she is hungry or experiencing a full diaper, these are not usually the case. That is why every parent should know the language for babies. For the parents out there who have trouble understanding their babies because the child is yet to develop the art of baby sign language, do not fret. There is a solution to your problem.

Language for Babies Tutorial Available for Parents

These days, there are many schools and websites which offer courses that cater to teaching parents and interested individuals regarding language for babies. One really known online based tutorial is the Dunstan baby language. The site offers instructors to people who want to learn as well as DVD tutorials for those who want the direct to video approach. The Dunstan way is simple. They start with the basics, like the sounds a baby makes. Regular people do not know that each sound is equivalent to a word and has its own meaning. For every particular thing your child feels, he or she makes a sound which you need to substitute for a word. A good example is when your child starts to suck. While this is a reflex which other people might see as normal cute baby actions, those who know better will realize that this is the sound which implies that your infant is hungry and wants to eat. Such is the language for babies.

Everyone knows that not all newborns are the same. Some learn how to sign at an early age and some learn how to speak enough to get their points across. However, for those infants who can do neither, their parents will have to rely on the reflex sounds which their infants make in order to fully meet their needs. This can be a bit difficult to do when you are new parents who have no experience when it comes to dealing with language for babies. The Dunstan baby language is the best online tutorial which can help you. It took the company more than eight years of research and studies to get to where they are today. They are the most recommended baby language tutorial for parents and individuals alike.

The site offers many articles on the benefits of using the Dunstan baby language. Parents can learn what each reflex their child formulates means in order to fully understand and provide the necessary care their infants demand. If you have a baby who has yet to learn to do sign language, taking a course on language for babies is a great way for you to understand your child to better meet his or her needs.

Language for Babies – 5 words baby used

Teaching Sign Language for Babies

How to Teach Sign Language For Babies 

Cаn My Baby Learn Sign Lаnguage?

babyonblanket 300x193 Teaching Sign Language for BabiesWhen раrеnts fіrѕt hear thе іdеа оf teaсhіng language for babieѕ they аrе vеrу hеѕіtant. Thеy aѕk many queѕtіоns. “How іs thаt pоssіble?” ” How аm I gоing tо teach my baby іf I dоn’t knоw іt?” “Why would I wаnt to teach my baby sign lаnguаge?” “Will mу baby want tо tаlk if thеy use sign language for babies?” We wіll addrеss theѕе quеstiоnѕ аnd hоpеfullу get you аnd your baby оn the roаd tо undеrstаndіng еаch оthеr bеttеr.

Whеn Should I Stаrt?

Yоu саn ѕtart аt аnу agе. If уou dоn’t knоw sign language for babies уoursеlf there аrе mаnу boоks and dvdѕ that cаn hеlp уоu. Stаrt out with ѕmаll wordѕ оr evеrydау wоrds thаt wіll help уоu аnd yоur baby. Yоur baby wіll bеgin to lооk іn your еyes, watсh уоur fаcе, аnd fоllow уour handѕ when theу arе оnlу wееks оld. Think about how old they аre whеn theу ѕtаrt wаiving bуе-bуе, sіx months? If theу саn leаrn thе cоncept of waiving thеу саn leаrnѕ 100′s оf othеr wоrdѕ wіth thеіr handѕ. If thе ASL (Amеrіcan Sign Lаnguagе) wоrd lookѕ too соmрlісated for a baby dоn’t worrу. Thеу аdaрt thе wоrd tо their lіttle handѕ. They еvеn ѕtаrt tо makе uр theіr оwn ѕіgns tо explаіn thіngѕ to уоu. It rеаllу doeѕ wоrk.

Reducіng Fruѕtrаtion

Thе greаt thіng аbоut tеаchіng sign language for уour babies іѕ it cuts down оn fruѕtration. Havе уоu еvеr ѕeеn а tоddlеr thаt iѕ trуing to exрlаin vеrbаllу whаt thеy wаnt аnd thе рarеnt nоt undеrѕtаnd them? It is uttеr frustrаtіon that lеadѕ tо сryіng, fіts оf ragе, or whіnіng. It’s diffісult for toddlers thаt hаvе а lіmited vосаbulаrу tо exрresѕ themѕеlvеѕ. The thоughts are іn their heаd but јuѕt сannоt рut them intо words. Children thаt have lеаrned sіgnѕ language for babies аrе ablе to exрrеss themѕеlveѕ іn a waу thаt іs undеrѕtoоd bу pаrеntѕ. Therе are ѕіmрle signѕ for рlаy, mіlk, more, сoоkiе, сrackеr, аnd manу mоrе wоrds uѕеd dаіlу with toddlerѕ.

Wіll My Chіld Want To Spеak?

Not оnlу wіll уоur сhіld wаnt to speаk wоrds, studіеs hаve ѕhown thеy ѕtаrt using thеm еarlіеr. Chіldren that hаve lеаrned sign lаnguаgе for babies enjоy cоmmunісatіng. Thеу do figurе out if they саn shоw an аdult whаt theу want theу аre morе lіkely tо reсеіvе it. Thе first sign mоѕt uѕе іs “morе”. It іs as ѕіmplе аs putting thеіr hаnds tоgеther. Thеу alѕо fееl lеѕѕ frustrаtеd whеn theу аre undеrstооd. Thеre arе evеn ѕomе ѕtudіeѕ that ѕhow а сhіld that hаs lеarnеd sign lаnguagе for babies has an іnсreаse IQ bу up to 15 рoints.

Hоw Dо I Teach Sign Language for Babies to my Child?

There аre manу grеat tоols оut therе tо teach уоur baby of anу agе. Yоu cаn seаrсh your lосal аrеa fоr сlaѕѕеѕ. Yоu сan gеt а grouр оf mоmѕ tоgеthеr аnd hіre ѕоmеоne at а group rate. Thеrе arе alѕо fаbulouѕ boоks, flаsh саrdѕ, and dvds thаt will ѕhоw уou hоw to teach уоur baby sign lаnguаge іn a simple, eаѕу, аnd enjoуable wау. If уоu do nоt want tо usе boоkѕ оr dvdѕ use ѕymbоlѕ thаt уоu wіll knоw аnd mеmоrizе. You wіll find your baby wіll evеn make up thеir оwn.

Learn Sign Language for Babies 

10 Major Challenges When Teaching Baby Language

Did you face this major challenges when Teaching Baby Sign Language?

teach baby language 150x150 10 Major Challenges When Teaching Baby LanguageIt is indeed a combination of both opportunity as well as challenge in teaching baby sign language to your small child. As a communication process, you need to continuously sign with your babies because unless the same is done, it develops the development of a proper bond for the love and affection that you have for your baby. There are often certain problems that people come across while teaching baby sign language and we here try to identify the ten major challenges among them.

10 Major Challenges on Teaching Baby Sign Language

Starting Early: The first thing that needs to be done in teaching baby sign language is that it should be started quite early in the growth stage of the baby. The common mistake that most mothers do is that they delay this activity quite significantly and hence it becomes difficult for the baby to concentrate on this activity. Start sharing sign with your babies in their early stage of growth to get the best results.

Communication Difficulties: Parents often have this major problem of communication while teaching baby sign language. This particularly happens when the child initially does not respond to their gestures and signs. This could happen if you tend to very rarely use the sign with your babies. Inculcate this habit on a more regular basis for getting the desired results.

Activity viewed as a challenge: This whole activity of teaching baby sign language should be treated as a fun task rather than setting specific goals and making it a challenge. Sharing sign with your babies is an activity that bonds you closer to the child, it should not be done in a manner that the baby, even at such a tender age, dreads this activity altogether.

Restrictive usage of tools: Some parents restrict teaching baby sign language to just include self-designed gestures, which could be monotonous even to the baby. Modern day multi-media tools can also be used for this purpose.

Losing Patience: This is one of the most common problems faced. When the desire for instantaneous results while teaching baby sign language is not achieved, the parents tend to lose patience.

Showing off the child’s abilities: Once the baby responds to your teaching baby sign language, you often try to have the same exhibited in platforms, pressurizing the baby to deliver whenever you want. Sharing sign with your babies is a bonding activity restricted between the parents and the child and should not be publicly displayed.

Do not rebuke: Scolding is not a solution if the baby is not being able to pick up signs.

Clarity of signs: Often we ourselves lack the clarity of displaying signs while teaching baby sign language; hence the baby fails to properly respond to the same.

Baby not interested: The baby might be having certain other distractions while you are indulging in sharing sign with your babies. Parents are often not able to recognize the same.

Contextual teaching: This is a common mistake while teaching baby sign language. We often do not demonstrate the object to the baby whose sign we want the child to learn; hence we do not get proper response.

If you can avoid these common mistakes, you can ensure that teaching baby sign language will be a fun activity that will ensure a greater bond development between you and your child.

Learn more about teaching baby sign language here.


10 Important Methods of Teaching Baby Sign Language

baby sign language 2 150x150 10 Important Methods of Teaching Baby Sign LanguageTeaching baby sign language is something that is not new bit in modern times and this has grown in popularity. The most common question that comes to your mind when you sign with your babies is to know the thought process in the mind of your child. Teaching baby sign language is particularly important in order to know what your baby wants, needs, thinks about, notices, remembers – in short, you need to know everything about your child. To know the same, you definitely need to sign with your babies.

Given below are 10 key pointers that can prove useful in teaching your child baby sign language, which can help you communicate clearly with the child.

Top 10 Steps to Teach baby Sign Language

  1. The first important step in teaching your child baby sign language is for you to develop the realization whether the child is ready to start. Some people start too early whereas some live it for quite late. If you start too early, then when you sign with your babies and the child does not respond, you feel disappointed. The best period when the child starts responding favorably to baby sign language is when the child can sit up on his own and happens usually at age 6 to 9 months.
  2. You need to recognize the baby sign language your child uses already. For instance, if the child wishes that you hold him, he might just lift the arms. Your role is to give words to the signs being used so that they can feature in the conversations that you regularly have with your child.
  3. Do give proper emphasis to these words when you sign with your babies. These signs also need to be used in regularity before, during as well as after the activity. Motivate your child to learn baby sign language by displaying your excitement even if the baby responds to a very small extent.
  4. You need to learn some basic words. The signs that are most popular include ‘eat’, ‘more’ and ‘drink’. These signs are need based but they help in improving the self confidence of your child towards easier communication with you.
  5. Certain secondary words can then be introduced to the children using baby sign language. These signs might require certain hand shapes to be made which the baby might not be able to pick up at the first instance. Patiently sign with your babies and they will definitely improve with time.
  6. Try to discover what the child is interest in and develop a baby sign language for describing the same. This could be the pet in your home or any such moving object that captures the attention of your child.
  7. Sign combinations may be started once the baby starts combining vocal words, this will make your child fluent in communicating with you.
  8. Identify proper resources for teaching baby sign language particularly from websites and make use of them.
  9. Be innovative in creating certain new signs. This is a successful way of communication with the child.
  10. When the child has grown a level, say around the age of 2 years, start incorporating advanced things like colors, numbers, alphabets etc. in the baby sign language.

Top 10 Ways to Communicate Toddler Language With Your Kids

teach baby sign 150x150 Top 10 Ways to Communicate Toddler Language With Your KidsMany of us feel that children do not have the intelligence or capacity to understand languages or signs that we use with them, but they are not perhaps aware that small kids have their own toddler language which they use to good effect. This is totally wrong because there have been quite a number of researches which have proved beyond doubt that young kids and toddlers also understand toddler language provided it is spoken to them and used in the right manner.

There are quite a few ways by which we can keep our toddler engaged and interested by using specifically chosen language for babies. This will not only improve their understanding and comprehending skills but will also go a long way in also developing the toddler’s speech and language skills over a period of time. This could be particularly very useful for kids who have a problem of delayed speech. The best approach would be to enable the child to develop a liking and love for such toddler language by choosing the best ways to communicate with the child.

Let us head over the next few lines try and identify the 10 most effective ways to communicate toddler language with kids with the basic objective of improving its speaking, hearing and comprehending skills.

Top 10 Effective Ways To Communicate Toddler Language

  1. Reading is a commonly practiced and very effective toddler language for your kid. You could buy some good reading books or alternately you could take the child to the library where you could read out these books to your child.
  2. The next important thing that you could do to improve the toddler language of your kids is to make liberal and effective use of flash cards. This is considered a very important and effective language for babies. These cards have pictures and words which are of great help in establishing a relationship with the object and the word that is read out.
  3. Sign language is also considered by many to be very effective in increasing the kids’ capacity to speak, understand and comprehend languages. Though many people may find it not suitable as far as speech enhancement is concerned, it is still considered a good language for babies who like movement of hands, legs and other parts of the bodies.
  4. Singing is also considered to the very effective in helping your kid a lot in improving its listening and speaking skills. Children like rhythmic music and songs and hence singing as a means for improving language for babies is a great thing do to.
  5. Another good way to improve language skills is to try and improve your own listening skills. Children like themselves to be heard and hence it is important that you also be patient and listen to what the kid has to say.
  6. You should also learn to master the art of learning when to talk and what to talk with your kid. The atmosphere, situation and environment are extremely important as far as improving toddler language of your child is concerned.
  7. Telling short stories with actions is also a very good method by which you can improve language skills in your kid.
  8. Allowing them to watch good cartoon serial where the language is clear and simple is also a very effective method of improving listening, comprehending and improving language for babies.
  9. Making them talk with other kids of their age and you being a guide and mentor is a great way to communicate with toddlers.
  10. Lastly, talking about things of daily interest and habit is an old and time tested way of improving toddler language. 

Hope this can help parents to have an effective toddler language communication with their babies.

Learn more about toddler language for babies, check out on dunstan baby language program.


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I Am Talking: Teach your toddler to speak

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