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Baby gender Selection technique gives a great freedom to couples to plan their families as they deem it suitable. With advances in science, gender selection is fast becoming an affordable option for families around the world.

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Selective abortion: An unfortunate use of science in which the gender of the foetus is determined through amniocentesis and gender selection is done by aborting the pregnancy if the foetus is not of the desired sex. This practice is majorly in vogue in countries where male child is preferred due to various socio-economic reasons.


Microsort: As of now, it is an expensive technique but future holds great promise. Baby gender selection is done scientifically by separating the male and female producing sperms. They are then employed to fertilize eggs by utilizing IVF (in vitro fertilization) or IUI (intrauterine insemination).


PGD or Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis: In this method of gender selection the gender of the embryo is determined before placing it in uterus for further development. This method is pretty controversial and is banned in many countries due to the legal, moral and ethical ramifications of the entire process.

There are also various natural methods that are practised throughout the globe to achieve baby gender selection.

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Diet: The proponents of this theory advocate having a monitored and regulated diet to achieve effective gender selection. A diet rich in magnesium and consisting of less than 2000 calories is said to increase the chances of conceiving a healthy baby girl while sodium, potassium and calories in excess of 2000 are said to produce baby boys.


Timing: This theory is based on the fact that the longevity and speed of male and female sperms vary considerably. So you can plan your intercourses so that the sperms of the chosen gender dominate when eggs are made available for fertilization. This involves keeping track of the ovulations and planning intercourses accordingly.


Ph Levels: Ph levels of the body are said to determine the gender of the baby. High alkaline levels are said to be conducive for conceiving a male child so intercourse can be planned accordingly.

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