Alma’s Designs My Quiet Book

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  • Hands on learning¿ kids will do more than just turn the pages.
  • They’ll button it, zip it, lace it, buckle it, snap it and more.
  • Between the covers there’s page after page of activities to develop important motor skills.

QB-60 Features: -Practice building motor skills.-Ages: 3 years and up. Color/Finish: -Each page using objects such as a button on a flower, five color matching balloons, a zipper lady bug with a baby lady bug inside, four snap on button shapes, wheels to count, a boy and a girl to put in cars, a football to lace, a belt to buckle, and a clock.My Quiet Book provides hours of skill-building activities, including buttoning, zipping, and tying; identifying colors and shapes; and telling time. Instructions are embroidered in black block letters on the white background of the 12 colorful cloth pages. The book offers great surprises to discover, textures to touch, and tasks to tackle. Some of the fabric pieces are separate, but the whole soft

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List Price: $ 27.99

Price: $ 26.44

Large-Keyboard Seal without F-keys

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  • Keyboard seals are custom-designed covers that protect keyboards from a variety of contaminants, including dust, dirt, and liquids.
  • The seals are easily cleaned with antibacterial wipes or sprays
  • The seals are easy to use and apply
  • Made from polyurethane
  • Made in the USA

KBSL-lc Features: -Large-keyboard seal without F-keys.-Custom-designed for Chester Creek keyboards.-Provide protection against dirt, dust and liquids.-Easy to apply and made from durable/flexible polyurethane.-Easy to clean with wipes or sprays.

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List Price: $ 29.95

Price: $ 21.95

eebee’s adventures: EXPLORING REAL STUFF

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  • A celebration of every day magical learning moments
  • From musical pots and pans to laundry time
  • Winner of national parenting center, iparenting, creative child awards

In this series of adventures, Exploring Real Stuff, eebee and playmates explore a range of materials and everyday objects with the simple and enticing goal of finding out what these things are like. “What do things feel like?” “What sounds do they make?” “How do they move?” “Are they heavy or light?” “What can I do to them?” These are just a few of the questions eebee and friends actively take on.Brimming with ideas sets the adventure among tubs of cereal and grains, adding bowls, scoops, and funnels to enrich the possibilities.In Out of the Box, a paper mountain and a cardboard box encourage infant “science,” “math,” and creative explorations.And different balls, tubes, ramps, blocks and even a tissue box lead eebee and babies to discoveri

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List Price: $ 14.95

Price: $ 7.95

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