15,000 Baby Names

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“15,000+ Baby Names” was designed to let you scan through a list of the most contemporary girls’ and boys’ names in print to find the right name for your new baby. This book includes the following features:

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A to Z of Biblical Baby Names

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We respond to our name throughout our lives. People associate us with our first name; it forms part of our identity. They help to distinguish us from one to another. Other people gain immediate and sometimes totally subconscious views of people, just from hearing a name they can therefore give us a distinct advantage in life, or conversely, a disadvantage!

The choice of a Biblical name is, therefore, incredibly important. And those of us who choose to select a baby’s name from the bible are taking on a responsible task! This book contains over 2,000 Biblical baby names and meanings to help you find the perfect name for your new baby!

The baby names are listed alphabetically; each section can be accessed from clicking

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