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The knowledge of sign language is a truly beneficial skill to have. For babies, the education of sign language and music has shown to display extensive benefits on IQ, spatial reasoning skills, and much more. American Sign Language is the third most common language used in the United States. With sign language classes for toddlers and babies from Baby Fingers, parents can give their children a head start with education by enhancing their communication skills in an enjoyable way.

Baby Fingers is a unique program based in New York City that offers engaging music and sign language classes for toddlers, infants, and kindergarteners. 2000 marked the year that Lora Heller founded Baby Fingers and began this curriculum for parents throughout New York. Her idea for Baby Fingers was formulated after recognizing the impact of her early teachings of sign language on her own children. When her 6-month old son was able to sign the phrase “I love you” Lora was inspired. Since then, Baby Fingers has grown into a faculty of over 20 teachers including Lora Heller herself, a board certified and licensed Music Therapist with a Master of Science in Special Education/Deaf Education.

If you are looking for sign language classes for toddlers, one Baby Finger program that will suit your needs is their ASL for Baby and Toddler program. The classes are divided into three different levels based on development and age of your child. The level one classes are designed for newborns through to 15 months. The vocabulary taught is “need-based”. Level Two classes are intended for young toddlers from 12 months through to two years. The vocabulary taught is “interest-based” and includes a review of basic signs. Level Three classes are designed for older toddlers from 18 months through to age three. At this level, the class focuses on combining words and signs, and developing more complex language. All classes teach American Sign Language through songs and play with parents and babies, and every week children go home with new vocabulary and new tunes that enhance their communication.

For parents who are interested in participating in sign language classes in the comfort of their own home, Baby Fingers has Webinars! You can invite friends to your home and participate in live classes online with founder, Lora Heller. Simply set up your computer in a comfortable place and Lora will meet you on the screen. If you cannot meet for a live class there are also recorded webinars available to purchase. Live webinars are scheduled in advance, and you can also request a day, time, and topic for your own group. The webinar class topics include: Family Signs, Food and Mealtime, Favorite Things, Places to Go, Emergency Words, Favorite Songs, Story-Sign, Around the Neighborhood, ABCs, Action Words, Favorite Places, and more! Plus, if you purchase one of Baby Fingers’ DVDs you get a webinar for free!

The general goal of Baby Fingers is to improve communication between parents and their young children while enhancing their language skills and motivating speech development. Sign up to day and get your child started on their development adventure! For more information about Baby Fingers, visit MyBabyFingers.

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