default Baby Justin Bieber in ASL (American Sign Language)

Hello! I hope you enjoy my take on the song. I did it in the best of my abilities to the ASL Structure. I am a ASL 2 student, so please be kind! I love the Deaf culture and this language (:

Everyone asks me about signing famous family songs like the wheels on the bus, clean up and if you happy and you know it. so I decided to put teaching clips on my website so you can learn at home, show grandparents, caregivers and anyone who wants to learn! Enjoy!Please feel free to forward this link on to any friends or family! Let the Sign Shine! etel For more info and videos visit: and Amazing information site on baby sign language and signing with children visit: Check our SignShine Children Rhymes: Stay Connected: Glog = Group Blog: SignShine on twitter: SignShine on LinkedIn: Information about signing with children with special needs: *this video is the exclusive property of SignShine and any replication without permission would not be permitted.
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