www.mysmarthands.com For more info and videos visit www.mysmarthands.com Joinour baby sign language FACEBOOK group where you can post questions and get great resources www.facebook.com For parents; learn how to sign with your baby videos: www.mysmarthands.com or babies and children I recommend Signing Time videos, flashcards and books. You can access these by going to www.mysmarthands.com And finally for an amazing information site on baby sign language visit: www.learnbabysigning.com
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www.mindbites.com This song, “Please Change Me!” is an original My Smart Hands baby sign language song designed to use with key diapering signs you would teach your baby. In this song you will use a number of signs but specifically, ‘diaper, change, clean, dirty, wet, dry, up, down, mommy, daddy, grow-up, potty’ You can find an mp3 of this song as well as an instructional video on how to sign it in the description of this video. Visit our website for more info about My Smart Hands at www.mysmarthands.com
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