Tiny Hands Talk run programs & workshops for: Teachers, Caregivers, Parents & Children. Our Qualified Consultants teach ASL for Canada/ US and Auslan for Australia. Our Classes are interactive & fun, we teach games, songs, books and relevant vocabulary. What makes us Different? – We use 100% ASL or Auslan Vocabulary, the same vocabulary used by the Deaf Community. – Our programs reach children up to 7 years old, they are highly Educational and meet research standards. – They are fun, we use Minki (R) the signing monkey and everyone else can use their own in the workshops. Become a Tiny hands Talk Educational Consultant, please visit our website www.tinyhandstalk.com

Great Behavior Breakdown Solutions Bundle
An E-book And Audio Package That Offers Non-punitive Solutions To Such Destructive Behaviors As Lying, Stealing, Defiance, Self-mutilation, Encopresis, Temper Tantrums, And More. Ideal For Foster And Adoptive Parents And Educators.
Great Behavior Breakdown Solutions Bundle

Title: Why You Should Teach Your Baby Sign Language So you’ve mastered all the basics of this whole parenting thing. But that little child still seems like an alien life form, and you can’t communicate with it. Or can you? Epipheo shows you how baby sign language can help you to understand what your baby is thinking before they learn to talk.
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