A new baby brings about plenty of excitement in the life of the new parents. Kids look delicate and defenseless and they also are, but babies can also do some very surprising things which can be enjoyable during parenthood.

Typically small babies can amaze you with:

Babies have excellent hearing power and can hear everything, as they get almost 20000 vibrations per minute, and we get just 14000. From the start of the 24th week of pregnancy the fetus can respond to sound and only a week after kids are born they can easily differentiate their mother’s voice from other individuals.

Mimic plays a vital role for babies in distinguishing between mother tongue and another language. Test was done with a few babies, where a videotape was recorded in English, but sound was not played and another tape was recorded in French and here also no sound was played. Babies were more interested in the French videotape than the one in their mother tongue as they were familiar with English. This ability in kids is forgotten once they reach 6 months of age.

Chattering with their hands is seen in babies and according to studies, babies who have to deal with sign language while growing try to talk with their hands. It is slow and shaky in the start as they chatter with hands.

In fact much before people can speak, they are able to understand others speaking. It looks like babies can understand by observing people close to him. It is important for Mom to be careful when she says something.

Babies get smarter with age is the general concept. On the contrary, it has been found out that as we age we lose few of our abilities, particularly the capability to learn. This is in fact at its best when the baby is 6 months old. It is an illusion to feel that kids are young and they don’t know.

In the initial days a baby resembles his father apparently, and it is a joke played by nature. This has been done for a reason. Much previous to genetic tests were developed it was for every new fathers around the world to identify their babies and take care of the mother and the baby.

It is pretty simple for adults to differentiate two or more human faces even if they are very similar in looks, but if we have to tell between two similar looking monkey figures, we will not be able to do it. But it is different for babies as they have the ability to do this according to tests but it is lost with time.

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