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In 2011 the first of 79 million Americans born between the end of World War II and the mid-1960s will turn 65, swelling the ranks of Medicare and Social Security recipients. Judy Woodruff looks at the implications with Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute and Ted Fishman, author of “Shock of Gray.”

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Gotham Girls: Baby Boom (S2E4)

While on a museum heist, Harley Quinn is accidentally transformed into a baby via Poison Ivy’s special plant toxins.
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Real Estate Boom To End? – No!

Article by Dan Lewis

The naysayers are proclaiming the end of the real estate boom once again. Once again, they are wrong.

Boom, Boom, Boom

In recent years, it’s impossible to turn on the television or read the headlines without seeing a warning of impending doom. Experts claims there is a housing bubble and it is about to burst. Should first-time and move-up homebuyers be concerned? No.

We keep hearing about the bursting bubble, yet the real estate market continues to boom. How can this be? Demographics are the primary reason.

The most significant and frequently mentioned demographic is the “Baby Boom” generation, which refers to children born in the years following World War II. Economic forecasting expert and author, Harry Dent, has written extensively about how property buying habits occur in a predictable fashion as a generation ages. From needing an apartment in college, to buying a starter home and eventually trading up to something larger, it is all cyclical. Since the Baby Boom generation is the largest so far, their impact has been far greater than the generations that preceded them.

Now that Boomers have moved into their top earning years, they continue to push the housing market to new levels. They are purchasing larger primary residences as well as vacation homes and investment properties. The statistics for 2004 reflect this trend, with 36% of home sales going toward second homes and 23% of sales going toward investment properties.

Demographic trends don’t end there:

Immigration – There has been a large influx of immigrants over the past three decades.

Children of Baby Boomers – This generation is now in their twenties and looking to purchase their first homes.

Retirees – While the demand for housing is expanding, the supply is decreasing. With advancements in medicine and treatments of disease, retirees are living longer. This means that they are occupying their homes for more years, which decreases the supply of homes available for purchase.

In addition to the demographic factors listed above, real estate has been a rewarding investment. Stocks and bonds have not performed as well as investors were used to, while real estate has exceeded expectations. In an uncertain world, people are more comfortable investing their money in property that will appreciate and can be lived in.

Don’t buy the hype about a bursting bubble. Three years have passed since the doom and gloom predictions started. The real estate marketing will continue to flourish.

About the Author

Dan Lewis is a mortgage broker with – San Diego mortgage brokers providing home loans and refinances. Visit to learn more about options for San Diego mortgages.

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Born at the Right Time: A History of the Baby Boom Generation

51HYvzz2KzL. SL160  Born at the Right Time: A History of the Baby Boom Generation

It is rare in history for people to link their identity with their generation, and even rarer when children and adolescents actually shape society and influence politics. Both phenomena aptly describe the generation born in the decade following the Second World War. These were the baby boomers, viewed by some as the spoiled, selfish generation that had it all, and by others as a shock wave that made love and peace into tangible ideals. In this book, Doug Owram brings us the untold story of this famous generation as it played out its first twenty-five years in Canadian society.Beginning with Dr Spock’s dictate that this particular crop of babies must be treated gently, Owram explores the myth and history surrounding this group, from its begi

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Baby Boom

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Eddie Bauer® Organizer Diaper Bag – Brown

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  • Product Weight: 2.0 Lb.

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What Makes A Ba Boomer?

Article by BoomJ

By now you probably know that the Baby boomer generation includes all those people who were born between the years of 1946 through 1964. And you probably know that the Baby boomer generation is quite large, encompassing some 78 million individuals. But what you might not fully understand is how the Baby boomer generation got its name.

The term “baby boom” corresponds to what was happening back during the early days of the Baby boomer generation. Among other things, the end of World War II in 1945 brought with it the return to their homeland of hundreds of thousands of young men and women. In the United States, it was a time of world domination and economic prosperity. It was also a time of soaring marriage rates and urban sprawl and young couples weren’t wasting any time starting families.

Population explosion!

If you were young, healthy and female during 1945 and 1946 there was a good chance you were pregnant too. It was during 1946 that the birth rate exploded to levels never before reached. In the years that followed, birth rates continued to soar. It was this explosion of new births that would later become known as the “baby boom” which is what gave rise to the term that is so prevalent in our society today.

Although the timeline of births extends beyond what normally would be classified as a generation, those born between the Baby boomer generation years of 1946 – 1964 without a doubt have much in common. They were brought up in the years after the Depression and the victory in WWII brought about a time of optimism.

The Baby boomer generation was the first generation to grow up with television, and advertising, and a newfound sense of equitability. To those born during the baby boom, it seemed almost a goal to break all of the rules that had restricted their parents and their grandparents. And break those rules they did.

Growing up during the Baby boomer years meant growing up with rock ‘n roll and massive marketing. It was a time to question authority and experiment with drugs and sex. The early Baby boomer years were as unique back then as they are right now.

A generation of fulfillment

No other generation in history has so forcefully refused to grow old. And as the first of the Baby boomer generation nears retirement age, they have much to look forward to.

Rather than being something to fear, today’s Baby boomer lifestyle is one to be embraced. Baby boomers are living longer and they are working as hard as they play. They’re traveling, dating, expanding their knowledge, and staying active. They are committed to doing whatever it takes to maximize every single moment of life that they have left.

More than the years of their birth, their drive, their determination and their absolute love of life are what makes a Baby boomer. If you were lucky enough to be born during the baby boom, go ahead and wear the Baby boomer label with pride!

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Baby Boomer Generation

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