Do you have a deep burning desire “passion” in your heart to replace negative thinking with positive? Maybe you are not aware you’re drowning in a negative pool of thought. Maybe you are aware and don’t care. You might like the negative side of life.

In order to reap the benefits of living a positive life you have to have a passion for replacing the lies with the truth. Humans are born negative. Ok, some believe humans are born positive or sinless and then taught to think and behave negative. I disagree but who really cares where it comes from, the point is how to stop it, so you can live happy and free from misery and depression. Develop a new life by practicing positive replacement of all thoughts, which are negative. One way to know a thought is negative is how the thought makes you feel and behave. If you think a thought and the thought creates a negative emotional response, maybe you should change the thought or stay miserable.

Are you aware of what you think? Stop for a moment and listen to that voice inside of your mind. Woo, spooky, yes we all hear voices. Not the voices that create specific mental disorders, yet they can if the pathology is correct but in most case the voices are our self-talk. Pay attention to what you tell your self. Listen closely to the words and phrases you repeat in your mind.

Are you happy being negative, miserable and depressed? Maybe you are accustom to living life on a negative level and you just don’t realize there is another way. Well, my dear friend there is another way of living, which is very satisfying and rewarding. You can have this life of peace if you are willing to work toward change. There are tons of material on the net about positive thinking, positive affirmation, faith in God and other methods of change so go for the change or stay miserable. The choice is yours.

Dr Bob Wilkerson is author of the book, “I Will Not Be Defeated Anymore”. He is dedicated to helping others recover from life altering circumstances. If you like the first thoughts method of writing you will love Bob’s articles. It is Bob’s prayer that you will find something in his articles to help you make it through another day on planet earth.

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