There are many teethers on the market for relieving baby teething pain. Learn more about how to pick out and use baby teethers with tips from an expert on parenting infants in this free teething video. Expert: Laine PodellCamino Contact: Bio: Laine PodellCamino MA, CLE, CIIM, is the owner of A Mothers Haven, and has Masters Degrees in Parent-Infant Education, and Deaf Education. Filmmaker: Sam Kivi By Parenting Coach, Dr Randy Cale. I receive many questions from parents about how to establish rules that really stick. In his recent State of the Union Address, President Obama offered several comments, suggesting that parents must be strong in maintaining healthy rules. Many parents struggle with this critical principle. Instead of a set of simple and consistent guidelines, daily life is filled with negotiations, fine tuning and battles over the rules and the consequences that support them. These struggles occur because we tend to make several critical errors. In this video, I will outline the critical errors, and the corrections that will keep you on track.

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