Parenting: Fighting Siblings – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Sibling rivalry, one of those really normal, really common things that happens in childhood, and really really annoying to parents. It drives us crazy when our kids argue. But they learn to argue and to debate and to negotiate and to bargain with each other, and so we have to accept it as normal. It is also a wonderful way for kids to get attention from their parents. One thing I urge is do not give them attention for it – stay out of the middle, do not choose sides, do not blame one over the other. If one child needs a negative consequence, then they both should get it. If two kids are arguing, does not matter who started it, they are both going to their room. Another thing we can do is to encourage togetherness, so encourage them to work as a team. One child can cut the piece of cake, and the other child can choose their half. Both children have to agree on a TV show or nobody watches any show at all. And the finally thing to remember is kids do become friends, they do outgrow it, and this will end.
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Overcoming Adhd: A Guide For Parents

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