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  • Reward your children for good behavior
  • Reinforce values you want your children to learn
  • Select from suggested tasks and rewards or create your own

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Positive Discipline for Parenting in Recovery: A Guide to Help Recovering Parents

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How can parents who have taken their first step toward recovery begin to heal the frayed relationship with their children? Parenting and recovery experts Jane Nelsen, Riki Intner, and Lynn Lott help parents take charge of their lives and make positive changes to bring health and healing to the whole family. Parents in recovery learn, one step at a time, how to create order and consistency in their relationship with their children.

Positive Discipline for Parenting in Recovery shows families how to build toward a positive future, focusing on topics such as:

• Start Where You Are and Keep It Simple
• Build Closeness and Trust Through Emotional Honesty
• Connect with Outside Support Groups
• Break Old Patterns of

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