PositiveParentingSolutions.com ► Book ► http Facebook ► facebook.com Twitter ► twitter.com Welcome to the Positive Parenting Solution of the Week in which I share a nugget of parenting wisdom to make your week go a bit more smoothly. This week’s solution: Try using a new phrase … “I Hear Ya!” “I HEAR YA” can be a great way to respond when kids complain about doing their homework, their family jobs, taking a bath — what ever. This week, instead do jumping into a big lecture about how everyone has to contribute, or your job is to go to school and do homework, blah, blah, blah — Try “I hear ya – I always dread unloading the dishwasher too!” Or, “I hear ya – I used to dread practicing spelling words too!” Sometimes kids just want to know that you “get it.” Empathizing vs. lecturing can go a long way in diffusing power struggles and it reinforces that you’re on the same team. They’re still not going to enjoy unloading the dishwasher or doing homework — but it doesn’t have to turn into a power struggle with you. Let me know in the comments section under this video about you’ll use “I hear ya”! For more strategies to reduce power struggles and to be on the same team, go to: PositiveParentingSolutions.com This has been a Positive Parenting Solution of the Week. I hope this little bit of information becomes a solution for you. Thanks for watching, and as always, I wish you parenting peace. — Amy McCready Do you need help with a parenting problem? Ask Amy McCready
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