The Good Parent

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In this charming, illustrated little manual about what it takes to be a good parent, both children and adults will find humor and a gentle philosophy. A beautiful message for all of us who long to be good parents, or were fortunate enough to have had them.

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The Good Parents

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A tale told in the style of a Chinese fable, this is a story of a merchant falling in love and building a mini empire in a small town. There is a gasp of sex and a groan of violence but contains nothing to offend any aged and revered ancestor. The central theme is of greed and covetousness although only the three legged toad dines well and that on flies…

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The 7 Worst Things Good Parents Do

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Psychologists John and Linda Friel have written an enormously readable and infinitely practical book that digs into some of the worst mistakes that parents make, with suggestions on how parents can change immediately. The Friels examine the seven most ineffective and self-defeating behaviors that parents display again and again. Working from the ideas that even small changes can have big results, the authors give parents concrete steps they can take to end the behaviors and improve the quality of their parenting. Whether readers are contemplating starting a family, have children who haven’t entered school yet, are struggling with rebellious teenagers, or are empty-nesters wondering how they can be better parents to their grown children, the

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