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When a baby cries, there is usually a reason for it and it is the parents’ job to try and figure out what they want. It is not easy to raise a child and when their only form of communication is through crying, the job is only made that much harder. Or it can be made easier with the help of the Dunstan Baby Language system.

Just like how you would need to adapt to have a new baby in your life, as a parent you’re also going to have to adapt to your baby’s crying because you’re going to have to be dealing with it for a few months. At least until your child can start talking. Crying is a form of communication and although it may sound all the same, there are actually different tones and sounds to it if you know what to listen out for. That is what the Dunstan Baby Language system aims to do.

The Dunstan Baby Language system will help teach parents, especially the first timers, how to identify the five most basic sounds that a baby will make for its five most basic needs. The only five things that are going to be important to your baby are feeding time, the need to pass wind, the need to be burped, the feeling of discomfort and the feeling of discomfort, and they will be crying when anyone of these five needs are not met.

The Dunstan Baby Language system will teach you how to identify which crying sound is associated to what need, because each sound has a different need attached to it. For example, the sound your baby will make when it needs to be fed will be different from the sound that it makes if it is uncomfortable.

When you know how to identify these sounds using the Dunstan Baby Language system, you’ll be able to meet their needs much faster and not only will they be happier as a result, but you as parents will be much happier too because you won’t have to run around merely guessing what your baby wants anymore!

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