Mares teach their foals to yield from birth. Using natural horsemanship it is easy to teach foals to trust you and yield to your feel. Leading, ponying and going over obstacles early makes it easy to start them once they are grown.
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Teach Your Children Well: A Christian Guide
This ebook is designed to help Christian parents teach their children Christian doctrine, Christian virtues, rightly interpreting the Bible, and guarding against false beliefs. The book provides many word pictures parents can use in teaching these truths.
Teach Your Children Well: A Christian Guide

It’s called “cultural transmission” when culturally relevant knowledge is passed from one person to another, or from parent to offspring, or from culture to culture. Will Koko transmit the sign language she learned from our culture to her baby (if we’re fortunate enough to help her have one) — without any intervention from us? All of the experience we’ve had so far with Koko suggests she will. For example, in this video, Koko molds the hands of her orangutan doll into the sign for “drink.” We’d like Koko to fulfill her wish to have a baby for a number of reasons. This is just one of them — to establish cultural transmission in a way that “extends her ambassadorship” to at least one other great ape who can “speak” out on behalf of saving his/her own species! Lesson: Gorillas can not only learn sign language, they can teach it as well. Date Added: Jun 3, 2008 Videographer: Ron Cohn

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