Phonics for Babies: First Words

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Phonics 4 Babies Where Little Minds Grow Big! Join Mallory Lewis Emmy Award® winning performer and daughter of the legendary Shari Lewis (Lamb Chop) as she introduces your child to the first 300 key words and phrases which will be a springboard for all speech. Your child will have fun with Giggles and the rest of the Tummy Tots in a magical world full of playful puppets, sing-along songs and phonics fun as they learn new words including Hello , Goodbye , Please and Thank You . Early Communication Development: Helps address children s needs at an earlier age Can enhance family bonding Can become the basis of social and emotional well- being Developed in association with prominent clinical advisors from UCLA, speech pathologists and child ed

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Learn Chinese Through Song!: The Popular Chinese Nursery Rhyme (Baby’s First Words in Chinese): Two Tigers (Mandarin Chinese and English Edition)

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“Sam Song has a way with words. To teach, he’s the best you have heard. The books that he writes are such marvelous sights learning Chinese each day word by word. Chinese words we can learn very fast. And when learned we cry Goodie, at last! For I must know the end. How that story doth wend and to know how it ends is a blast!”– Poet Mrs. Carol Creed

Learn Chinese Through Song! using Sam Song’s simple and comprehensive approach . This book teaches you and your child to sing the famous Chinese nursery rhyme, Two Tigers, using Sam Song’s progressive method of taking the reader through a step by step introduction of the rhyme – 1) character by character, 2) phrase by phrase, and 3) sentence by sentence, ensuring that the

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Precious Moments ~Baby’s First Words

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Pastel porcelain figurines part of the Baby’s First Precious Moments series. Classic teardrop with little blonde boy in a onesie standing proper and speaking into the microphone bent over to accomadate his little size. ADORABLE!

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BRAINY BABY – Baby IQ: Baby’s First Words

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The Baby IQ Baby’s First Words audio CD is the perfect companion to the DVD of the same name. It features the extended musical selections from Baby IQ’s Baby’s First Word DVD, produced in association with the London Symphony Orchestra and the National Literacy Trust. Brainy Baby® is proud to present this inspired collection of pieces recorded by some of the world’s greatest players and conductors, and composed by legendary figures of classical music. We encourage you not only to share and enjoy this music with your children, but with your friends, your families, and yourselves as well.

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