Teach Your Baby German

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This work is intended for children aged 0 to 3 years. “Teach Your Baby” helps to stimulate a baby’s neural pathways, build vocabulary, and develop innate grammar understanding – in more than one language! Children learn multiple languages more easily and quickly before the age of three than at any other time in life, because their brains are still rapidly developing. Teaching counting, colours, body parts, animals, clothes and more, “Teach Your Baby” focuses on concepts and objects which infants can comprehend like time, or social greetings.

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Baby Einstein – Numbers Nursery

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  • Numbers Nursery(TM) introduces toddlers to the numbers 1 through 5 in a playful, interactive way that encourages them to join in and count out loud! This dynamic exploration of numbers will delight and engage your child using images of toys, puppets, and familiar real-world objects set to beautiful music by Haydn and Chopin. This unique aproach will help your todder begin to understand what number

A playful and interactive introduction to numbers!
– Exposes little ones to the concept of counting
– Reinforces number recognition using simple patterns

Between 12 and 24 months, little ones become increasingly interested in more complex ideas and begin to explore numbers and counting. Numbers Nursery introduces little ones to numerals 1 through 5 in a captivating, interactive way that invites them to join in, clap their hands and count out loud. Using baby-friendly images of brightly colored toys, plus puppets, children and familiar real-world objects set to beautiful music, this dynamic program is a fun and age-appropriate way for you and your child to discover the exciting world of numbers and counting together!


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Little Pim Deluxe Gift Set French Volume I

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  • Includes 8″ Little Pim bear plush
  • 3 Instructional French Learning DVDs
  • Little Pim Bop Music CD
  • Word and Phrase Cards

The Little Pim Deluxe Gift Set includes DVDs 1, 2 and 3 in a slipcase, an 8″ velvety soft plush Little Pim, the Little Pim Bop music CD, and Word and Phrase Cards – all in a handy reuseable, see-through Little Pim tote that young children will love.

The DVDs are theme based and can be introduced in any order, as they are all beginner level. DVD 1 is on eating and drinking. See Little Pim and friends preparing and eating food while discovering new tastes and learning more than 60 French words used at mealtime. DVD2 is on wake up smiling. Follow Little Pim and pals as they wake up, brush up, dress up, and go to sleep after a busy day, while learning more than 60 words and phrases for these morning and evening routines. DVD 3 is playtime. Jo

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Price: $ 96.83

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