Top 7 Problems Faced by Parents In Teaching Sign Language

teach baby language 150x150 Top 7 Problems In Teaching Sign LanguageTeaching sign language is indeed both an opportunity and challenge as far as improving the language for babies is concerned. As parents we need to constantly communicate with our babies and unless we do it we will not be able to develop a person bond of affection and love with the baby.

There could be situations where use of sign language could help a lot in understanding the problems of the child and would go a long way in reducing tension and frustration amongst mothers. Using the right sign language can work wonders provided as parents we learn the methods of teaching sign language the right way. Sign language does indeed have a big role to play in developing the child’s inner thoughts. Hence there is no doubt that this is considered as one of the best ways to increasing the comprehending and speaking power of the baby and also it helps a lot in bonding relationships. However at times, there could be some challenges and difficulties that could come in the way of teaching sign language.

Let us try and find out what are the 7 most common problems that parents face when they try teaching sign language with their babies.

  1. Getting into the habit of using sign language for babies is something that should be started at an early stage in the baby’s growth. Many mothers make the mistake of starting it late in the day and then it becomes difficult to bring the concentration back from the baby. As babies grow up they get distracted by other things around them and hence it is important to start teaching sign language at an early phase in the baby’s life.
  2. Many parents find it difficult to communicate with their baby using sign language because they find the child not responding to their signs and gestures. This is because they may be using this particular language for babies sporadically. This should be avoided if you wish to really communicate with your baby better. You should start teaching sign language as a regular habit rather than keeping it for specific purposes.
  3. The whole process of teaching sign language should be made a fun rather than a big challenge or difficult task. Many mothers takes this upon themselves as a very tough and difficult task and hence they start become frustrated and unhappy when results do not come as expected. It is therefore important for parents to enjoy the whole process of teaching this language for babies.
  4. At times mothers think that teaching sign language is all about using signs and gestures alone. This may not be right. Mothers of modern day society should learn to use effectively the various resources at her disposal, such as TV, Audio and Video DVD and other such multi media tools. This will remove boredom which often is a problem both for the parent and the child.
  5. Patience is the name of the game as far as teaching sign language is concerned. Many parents, especially mothers expect results within the first few days. This is not possible because they have to realize the fact that they are dealing with a baby which may be just 45 to 60 days old in this earth and hence they should learn to be patient.
  6. As a parent we should try and avoid showing off your baby’s capacity to understand sign language to one and all. The whole concept of teaching sign language should be to improve your ward’s understanding capacity and not for blowing the trumpet all around the place.
  7. Lastly, chiding the baby for not picking up sign language should be avoided at all costs. Many parents try this trick only to push the baby into a shell. Hence this is a very negative concept as far as teaching sign language is concerned and should be avoided at all costs.

Teaching sign language can be a challenge, but there are Teaching Sign language programs which can help parents to easily achieve it.

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