Baby See ‘N Sign [VHS]

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AWARD WINNER of Parenting Magazine’s BEST VIDEOs AND DVDs OF THE YEAR 2002. Baby See ‘n Sign Volume 1 is described as “one of the most captivating” in the Birth to 18 Month category. It was the only signing video or DVD chosen for an award. Baby See ‘n Sign uses American Sign Language and contains over 60 baby and toddler signs. Each sign is shown three times including one easy to follow slow-motion repetition and supported with a multitude of images, sounds, and lots of babies involved in all kinds of baby activities. The best way to describe Baby See ‘n Sign is FUN. Fun to watch, fun to learn, and fun to sign with your baby. Baby See ‘n Sign is not just for babies. Our products are excellent educational tools for other people

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Price: $ 34.99

LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

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  • Discover the alphabet from Alligator to Zebra!
  • Features three ways to play: Letter, Animal and Music learning modes.
  • Explore learning with each spin of the wheel.
  • Playful musical responses reward each touch.
  • Introduces letters A-Z and animal names and sounds.

Animals go ’round and ’round while little tots learn their names and sounds. Whizzing motions, sparkling lights and cheerful songs introduce kids to the alphabet, from “alligator” to “zebra.” Three engaging modes help them learn: Letter, Animal and Music. In Letter Mode, the wheel stops on a letter and sounds out its name. Animal Mode lets little one discover 26 animals, along with their names and noises. Music Mode plays the alphabet song while little ones spin and play. Requires 3 “AA” batteries, included. 6″ x 6.5″ x 7.25″.

buynow big Baby See N Sign [VHS]

List Price: $ 21.99

Price: $ 21.46

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