www.mindbites.com See the full video at MindBites.com Have you ever been frustrated because you didn’t know what your baby was trying to tell you? Well, baby sign language is a wonderful gift to give your hearing child and it does not delay their speech! Watch my video lesson where I will help you teach your baby sign language-you won’t just see the baby imitating what the parents tell him or her to sign! You will see babies learning to sign! Learn, in detail, how to teach your hearing baby the first 3 beginning baby signs (more, eat and milk), which are so important-they meet most of your baby’s needs! Help your baby communicate! Reduce frustration for you and baby. For the sign MORE, you will see the development of a mom and teacher, teaching her babies from the beginning stages of signing, through the approximate sign stage (so you can learn to interpret your baby’s attempts at signing) and finally to the mastery stage of signing MORE themselves.. You will learn tips to be successful with baby signing(whether a parent or caregiver) as well as see actual videos of babies learning to sign and intiating the baby signs, not just repeating signs. Give your baby the gift of communication! See my website! www.toocutesigning.com
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