The purpose of the upcoming social awareness protest at AG Bell Conference on July 27th and 28th, 2007 at Arlington, VA will be discussed. There has been a strong interest to form a Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) expressed by the deaf community along with a list of goals shared by the participants to ensure that every deaf child has the right to access to American Sign Language from the start. For the focal point of this social awareness protest, the public needs to know from the media that there are eight benefits of baby signing that are used generally by hearing parents and hearing babies. But the question is: why have a social awareness protest at AG Bell Conference? Play YouTube AG Bell has formed a partnership with Audio-Verbal Therapy group (AVT) group that advocates deaf babies who receives cochlear implantation to focus on unisensory stimulation only, and shuns American Sign Language throughout the process. Baby Signs are a growing phenomenon with research-based benefits and the greatest irony of all is that Deaf Babies are not allowed to sign during AVT sessions. Now let’s look at why Baby Signs are being used to hearing babies. You may wonder what made it attractive for parents to use signs even though they can hear and that they have to learn signs? Derived from the website, The intellectual benefits of baby signing include: 1. Baby Sign Language increases the speed of the development of verbal language. 2. Baby signing increases vocabulary. 3. Baby signing

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