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For a parent there is nothing worse than watching as your child struggles to make itself understood. They know what they want to say, and may even know the word they want to say but so often they are not able to form that word in a way that an adult can understand. Even when they can talk they may not be able to make the word they want to say understood. This leads to frustration on both the part of the adult and the child and, more often than not, results in your little one crying as you both fumble around with communication. But this is just a part of growing up, right? Wrong!

Baby signing is a way of getting your child to make itself understood from as young an age as seven or eight months old. It uses broad and easily understandable gestures to indicate words and phrases giving your child a whole new vocabulary, before they even learn to speak. Children who learn to sign find that they are quicker to communicate and therefore are less inclined to have tantrums due to frustration. There is also studies that say that signing leads to a higher IQ in your child; they are likened to sponges at a young age and pick things up very quickly.

It is important to stick with a recognised signing course as, although you may be quite capable of creating your own signs, it would be quite embarrassing if the sign you taught your child for eat actually meant toilet! And don’t be discouraged if your child doesn’t start immediately. They do need time to pick things up but you will be amazed at how quickly it will come to them, and how quickly they will surpass you. And the shy, stumbling toddler will become confident at communicating and getting things right.

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