What age should a baby be in order to begin teaching them to read? You may be thinking they need to be at least two years old, in order to read. That is not true.

Actually, the younger you start, the better. The younger your baby is, the faster they will learn. Many parents start as early as three months old. You read that right. A three month old has the ability to learn to read.

In order to determine if your three month old is ready, you want to test their visual tracking ability. Simply take an object, such as a rattle, and hold it about 8 inches away from your baby’s eyes. Slowly move it to the right and left and see if your baby can follow the object with their eyes. If so, they are ready to begin a reading program.

If your baby is older than three months, don’t despair. You can start teaching them using these same methods. You can actually teach your baby to read using the techniques described here up until your child’s fourth birthday.

It is ideal to try to begin a program earlier because of the rapid development that is taking place in your baby’s brain. The younger the baby, the more quickly they learn. That means the best time to start is now! Each day your baby’s brain development is slowing down.

If your baby is three years old, they are not over the hill. They are still learning faster than a 5 year old. Don’t spend time bemoaning the fact that you didn’t know this until now. You can still take advantage of this precious time and teach your baby to read.

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