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Make way for Babyz! Adopt an adorable virtual kid in this amazing, playful simulation of child rearing from the company that brought you Catz and Dogz. Each Babyz (that’s singular, too) is darling and unique–choose one of fifteen to adopt or, if none of them is just right, check out their Web site with plenty more to pick from, changing every day. You can have up to three in one house, and then the fun begins. Name your Babyz, clothe them, give them toys, feed them, watch them play in the backyard, or just give them a tickle when they look bored. The software runs both like a normally selected program and as a screensaver–if you’re not careful, the Babyz will take over your screen when you’re not looking! The graphics are playful and imag

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List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 34.95

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