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Is it possible to teach baby to read starting from birth? Not exactly. A baby’s brain is at it’s most active during the first three years of life, therefore it is possible to teach a baby pr-reading skills straight from birth. These pr-reading skills are vital, to allow your child to read well later in life.

So how do you teach baby to read? Games and music are the main pre-reading activities along with certain other methods. Whilst these methods are not considered early reading activities, they are in fact vital to your child’s ability to read.

Teachers are only too aware of the consequences of not teaching a baby to read at the earliest possible time. If certain skills are not taught at this crucial time, then it can be very difficult for a child to make up for lost time. Research has shown that dyslexia is a possible cause of delayed reading skills in a child. So what are these skills? In no particular order, listening, discriminating,concentrating, speaking and motor skills for writing.

Because reading and writing are so interconnected, there is a tendency for one skill to help the other. Therefore this makes it possible for a baby to advance in the pre-reading skills straight from birth. Talking to your child from day one, is a key element in allowing these skills to work. A stimulating environment that includes music books and stories will go a long way towards developing the necessary skills, so that your child will be ahead of the rest later in life.

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My wife and i have adopted three children, one, a three month old baby and the other two aged one and two over a twenty two year period. In that time we have applied the all the techniques concerning baby intelligence to outstanding effect.

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